Pamela Rath

Calgary Catholic School Trustee 


WARDS 4 & 7

The importance of having good people at the board table has never been more important in Catholic education.

Make your vote count on October 18th, 2021

Experienced Governor & Committed to Serve

With a passion for publicly funded Catholic education, a firm belief in our youth, and a tenacity to fight for the underdog, I hope ​to continue to bring value for another term to the board table by advocating for kids and ensuring accountability to all stakeholders through authentic relationship. 

Trusteeship - What is it? 

Trustees are decision makers, from the overall budget of the district, to programming and strategic planning. 

We represent the electorate to make policies that shape our sch​ools to support what is best for the development of the whole student.

As governors, we do not delve into operations but expect our one employee, the Chief Superintendent, to provide reports to ensure that our priorities are met through defined role expectations and quality indicators.

As advocates for education, we work with local MLA's and the Minister of Education to protect our constitutional right to provide Catholic education to Alberta students.

CSSD Governance Link

Committed to Community 

Governance can be learned but the skills that it takes to be a really good governor come from a strong desire to want to make a difference. My decisions are alway made in the best interest of all students and through the lens of our faith. An inclusive, safe space to learn is fundamental in my belief to grow resilient children. 

It takes three years to really understand the role of a governor in a district of 56,000 students. I owe it to the board, to stakeholders, but more importantly, to the students that I have the great blessing to represent, to continue this journey for another term.

Relationship Driven

Committed & Collaborative

Leads with Heart

Dedicated to Publicly Funded Catholic Education